sweet praises indeed

Dear friends,
Sweet Praises, a new online boutique offers pieces for a contemporary generation of christian consumers who are looking for refreshing home decor that in a small but intimate way honors and reflects the Lord. I am gushing over this “anchored in Christ” note card.


mouthwatering pantone

via griottes

TurningPro – inspring craftsmanship

arkitypo: letter rotations

via Selectism

eiko ishioka

She was brilliant.


love me some .5mm japanese pens

via Selectism

type motion joy

this is typographic happiness

usb to another level

via Trendland

helen carnac, enamel works

via Trendland

a ride through a poster photoshop illustration

via familytree design


via wabisabi

laurent laveder’s moon

via wabisabi

photographs of sir ernest shackleton’s ill-fated voyage, 1915

for more info, visit Retronaut

via Subtraction

architecture “covers”

by luis urculo

Page 23

or IKEA, darkly.

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