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arkitypo: letter rotations

via Selectism


more fun with experimental alphabet films

Angela you rock, thx!

a title sequence that melts my designer heart

design crush :: sasha prood

Sasha Prood reminds me why i love typography, watercolors, sketching and graphic design


type fluid

by skyrill via designboom

the making of “A”

via VisualCulture

happy flag day

I particularly like the quirkiness of the “g” in Flag

lollipop numbers


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calligraphy & typography

Appreciating this FontFeed post …

1. Loving this quote:

M A U R I C E  G Ö L D N E R | “At that time, the core curriculum had a strong focus on traditional craftsmanship. Calligraphy lessons were obligatory for all undergraduates. We were taught to write different styles with broad nib pen and pointed nib pen and we had to acquire these styles in their original historical order.”

2. Eva Zeisel is so cool


ahh, typography makes me happy

mapping with armelle caron

cartes belle

via dornob

illustrations from tgoodman

these typographic illustrations from Timothy Goodman caught my eye

made from paper & love

via Behance

doyald young, logotype designer


Doyald Young, 1926–2011

recent type foundry faves






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