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sweet praises indeed

Dear friends,
Sweet Praises, a new online boutique offers pieces for a contemporary generation of christian consumers who are looking for refreshing home decor that in a small but intimate way honors and reflects the Lord. I am gushing over this “anchored in Christ” note card.


TurningPro – inspring craftsmanship

love me some .5mm japanese pens

via Selectism

tiny robots from used computer parts

So green, so creative, so adorable!

via bravotaiwan

the moon

there’s something about things that glow, and holding the moon in the palm of your hand

via Spoon & Tamago

want this umbrella

via dornob

sushi memo blocks

via lagom

wooden toys, in particular well crafted elgantly adorable ones

Llama, polar bear & walrus from Areaware

Thanks Nicky!

3 products that got my heart racing

Keyless Lifebook

Equilibrium Bookcase

Solar Powered Sun Lounger

via designboom

liquid mirrors

spilled glass mirrors via dornob

i want these custom cut eco friendly floorboards

via dornob

vintage wooden toys

dear santa

Allow me to introduce Hanno the gorilla, he’s on my wishlist


obsessed :: magpie & rye

Magpie & Rye’s selection of beautiful things has me on cloud nine. I am enamored by their smart aesthetic and particular eye. I WANT EVERYTHING HERE

happy T day

this is for Jenny

from alder + co.

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