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best photography advice

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John Free and his captivating advice that I want to apply in other areas of life as well. What an eye. His photographs take me to another plane of being

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laurent laveder’s moon

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photographs of sir ernest shackleton’s ill-fated voyage, 1915

for more info, visit Retronaut

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pixma’s “bring colour to life”

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blog super crush :: dietlind wolf

Visual designer and prop stylist Dietlind Wolf’s blog provides a visual feast for the eyes. I’m absolutely LOVING her work.

robert montgomery #30

thanks Angela!

breathtaking highlands & hebridean islands

David Eustace is taking my breath away with these photographs


jellyfish are fantastical

double layered prettiness

shot by Olivier Moriss. i have a soft spot for double exposures

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a gorgeous dan mountford

check out Dan Mountford’s flickr photostream

atipo’s fontface

via The FontFeed

nyra lang’s tumblr

so pretttty

thanks Connie!

a revelation, rodney smith

Not often do I have truly rewarding photographic experiences. Rodney Smith is an exception of superb measures.

Thank you Connie!!!

impossible project’s homepage

artwork from The Impossible Project’s collection


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