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usb to another level

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pbs is so cool

Off Book | Street Art


see-thru, touch screen, 3D tablet awesomeness

Want this technology

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a title sequence that melts my designer heart

video crush :: “masterpieces” by george jensen & alfredo häberli

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basic html & css for non-web designers

by Jessica Hische & Russ Maschmeyer

random cat breaks included

push pop’s interactive digital books

When I was 10, what I most wanted was the book that Penny used in Inspector Gadget. I wonder what cartoons will inspire technology in the next 20 years…

interactive infographics on Push Pop Press‘s digital books

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2 design articles

Interesting articles as we venture forth in new ways of living with the design, innovation, technology that is all around us, and how that affects approaches, work processes, and etc. etc.

CEO Talk | Emanuele Carminati Molina, President, Valextra

Scott Dadich & Gael Towey: The Future of Design in Media


This app is free for relief and rescue efforts in Japan

how to…

infographics à la Refinery29


4 days left for free BumpTop


very intriguing work by digital artist Quayola

see the Video


netflix & wii

just installed now … and it feels like a dream come true

my poolga wallpaper picks

i tragically do not have an iphone or an ipad, but if i did, i would want these wallpapers from poolga

stop motion is awesome

stories told through stop motion – a life in photographs, a funny wolf & pig adventure, and post-it madness!

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