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screen graphics and UI for movies

The craft of designing the gadgets and interfaces that superheroes and such use in movies is pretty insanely amazing. In an interview, Kirill Grouchnikov talks to Jayse about his thinking process how he approaches creating edgy futuristic ideas into something that hits the right note of awe and believability.

Here are some highlights.

Knight Rider’s dashboard, an inspiration from childhood. Takes me back to the 80s!

Jayse talks about the positioning and depth of the graphics and the actors, getting it just right

It’s interesting to me the way he talks about infographics. He compares it to the family tree, and how we have grown in our ability to read visual data, as well as the necessity as information grows and becomes more cumbersome to organize. Soon, we will all be reading these types of charts as easily as we would family trees. He talks about taking in the patterns and rhythms of these data charts, understanding them enough so you know how to ignore the clutter to find the info you need when you need it. If I think about designing an infographic backwards, I could think about how I would want the viewer to decipher the rhythm of the data.

i’m am so excited by the horizontal row of small 3d shapes at the bottom of the screen – yes utterly dorky.

interview here


push pop’s interactive digital books

When I was 10, what I most wanted was the book that Penny used in Inspector Gadget. I wonder what cartoons will inspire technology in the next 20 years…

interactive infographics on Push Pop Press‘s digital books

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3 products that got my heart racing

Keyless Lifebook

Equilibrium Bookcase

Solar Powered Sun Lounger

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2 design articles

Interesting articles as we venture forth in new ways of living with the design, innovation, technology that is all around us, and how that affects approaches, work processes, and etc. etc.

CEO Talk | Emanuele Carminati Molina, President, Valextra

Scott Dadich & Gael Towey: The Future of Design in Media


This app is free for relief and rescue efforts in Japan

blog crush :: today & tomorrow

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keiichi matsuda’s augmented city 3d

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iPad light painting

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deep thoughts on UX design

some snippets from a thought-provoking article on UX written by Mark Baskinger, a CMU professor. Go read the whole article here!


… I recently saw an episode of That 70s Show where Kelso (the Ashton Kutcher character) tries to understand what his father does for a living. Trying to put it in the simplest of terms, his father describes his work as “throughput.” He’s not the originator of ideas and doesn’t generate the input, and he doesn’t craft the output; rather he receives the input and gets it ready for output. Seems like he was actually describing a process similar to (design) synthesis, although described with great comedic timing. So how do you describe UX practice?

Industrial design has the exact opposite problem. The tangible artifacts of designing are so critical to the survival and perception of the discipline that the thinking, research, and UX principles that created those artifacts are often never seen. As stated earlier, this is the hallmark of the profession. Historically, industrial designers have had a very difficult time shaking off the impression that they’re only stylists. A March 20, 2000 issue of Time Magazine proclaimed on its cover, “The Rebirth of Design: Function Is Out, Form Is In.” True, we love forming things and we do “decorate cakes,” but the deeper driving concerns of industrial designers are never known. …

via UXmag via some link on facebook from CMU classmate. Thanks Peter!

national design triennial :: why design now? part 1

Cooper Hewitt is my favorite museum in the city. A trip with Clara re-inspired and recharged me, re-reminding me that design can touch people’s lives in more meaningful ways than letter-spacing, PMS colors, and iterations … all of which are major too, but, well, you know what I mean.

Some faves:

Please watch this video!

The Learning Landscape
I love simple solutions like this that are simple to construct, yet offer a wide range of ideas and opportunities for educational play.

Vendor Power
An illustrated guide that interprets policy mumbo jumbo, the  rules, regulation, rights to the people who need to understand them, the street vendors. Text appears in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Spanish, and English.

these sites are cool

Enjoying the animated meat grilling graphic and Takashi’s logo. getting hungry

Clever and intuitive interface. Jen Lu’s personal site.

I can’t read japanese, though i wish i could,  but can spend a good while browsing the images at megropress

Just can’t stop scrolling kris atomic’s blog!

ditto on “I want to go there”

v&a: decode: digital design sensations

Decode is a  collaboration between the V&A and onedotzero, showcasing the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small, screen-based, graphics to large-scale interactive installations. Focuses largely on pieces that involve the audience. The art is not complete until our engagement with it. I can get lost in a world of ideas here…

more videos!

portfolios using google maps API

this is really cool…

Stas Kulesh

Markus Dreßen


i’m melting. delicious compositions and smooth site animations for luxe fashion clientele. it’s easy to spend time exploring these websites. check out Chris Benz and Obedient Sons & Daughters.



super fun..bumptop

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