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a ride through a poster photoshop illustration

via familytree design


iumazark’s illustrations

more of Gabriel Iumazark’s work here

via Trendland

illustrator crush :: jonathan bartlett

via Trendland

design crush :: sasha prood

Sasha Prood reminds me why i love typography, watercolors, sketching and graphic design


illustrator crush :: don oehl

there’s just something about fashion illustration that always reels me in. editorial, sharp, calligraphic, eye-catching, absolutely delightful, don oehl

patron saints in motion graphics

via Nowness

mapping with armelle caron

cartes belle

via dornob

illustrations from tgoodman

these typographic illustrations from Timothy Goodman caught my eye

atipo’s fontface

via The FontFeed

2 illustrators: hancock & tamaki

James Gulliver Hancock

this is the nicest chinatown representation i’ve seen thus far, from his All the Buildings in New York project:

Jillian Tamaki

the lost thing

Excited about this animated film and the gorgeous illustration of Shaun Tan!

The Lost Thing via Motionographer

the nimbus factory

Smitten by The Nimbus Factory

Thanks Jer!

vintage illustrations by roger duvoisin

Roger Duvoisin (1904-1980) was a Swiss-American author and illustrator whose style I am currently admiring

via Black*Eiffel & the apple and the egg

paris vs. nyc

love it.


fifi lapin

Fifi Lapin is fun in a stylish french candy coated girly kinda way

Thanks Connie!

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