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tiny robots from used computer parts

So green, so creative, so adorable!

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[short imagined monologues. 6/15/10]

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thanks Angela!

clara’s Ps message

haha, this was too good to not post. only you Clara!

dear santa

Allow me to introduce Hanno the gorilla, he’s on my wishlist


thanks anthro

my birthday present from anthropologie… i’m repurposing to hold my kleenex

image is for the month of october, the stars are different for dec. but you get the idea, via effortless anthropologie

happy T day

this is for Jenny

from alder + co.

dug up this t-shirt

while refolding my crumpled clothes and preparing my closet for winter mode, I found this t-shirt made 4 years ago. I had been mentoring Connie at the time and we were at this event decorating our own tees. Another mentee, one of Connie’s friend made this shirt for me. looking back on memories and chuckling to myself…

feeling conceptually silly today

Edible dishes: artsy fartsy flour dishes and utensils… this is a project that might lure me into the kitchen.

This nerdy wallpaper idea makes me smile. I wouldn’t want it to be permanent, but it could be a fun background for certain dorky parties and events, yea?

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connie, jenny, lawrence, fno, oc

find them at 29s!

ny fashion week



an absolutely lovely waste of time/break from work

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jenny @ el quijote

Last night, Jenny was sitting at the bar of El Quijote restaurant on 23rd between 7th & 8th. She came home raving about how friendly the service was, that as she was waiting for friends, they kept on serving complimentary apps and such. Apparently, the 70-something Spanish gentleman sitting beside her was also the owner of the restaurant. Later in the evening when her and her friends had gotten seated, the owner goes up to her table of Asian girls. A little confused – as apparently all Asian girls look alike, he asked Jenny, “Are you the miss sitting at the bar earlier?” Jenny replies yes and the gentleman goes “I draw this for you” and hands her this portrait he had quickly sketched of her as she was waiting at the bar. Hehe, sweet!

Thanks for sharing Jenny

scoutmob is fun

On their homepage, they’ve got some mystery links… This is the west edge of the map:

This is the sounth cut line/end of map:

You’ll have to see for yourself regarding the international school of mermen. Oh, and they specialize in finding local deals such as 50% meals at restaurants and such. There’s a lot of sites out there like this, but they score points for creativity and humor.

esty’s april fools

almost forgot today is april fools!

a fashion video that is funnny

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