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post natural history

When I was 10 I remember making up an imaginary country, drawing a map of it, and making a booklet with the map, it’s made up cities and towns, oceans and lakes, national coat of arms, the whole imaginary world. Sadly I can’t find it anymore. But I love the idea of creating an alternate reality, which is what draws me to The Post Natural History project, and the fact that it is situated somewhere between memory and an imagined future. Such a beautifully, obsessively, well crafted object.



mouthwatering pantone

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by Rachel Han

and another favorite: 






a title sequence that melts my designer heart

design crush :: sasha prood

Sasha Prood reminds me why i love typography, watercolors, sketching and graphic design


the making of “A”

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design crush :: coralie bickford-smith

Coralie Bickford-Smith designs beautiful book cover series that utterly melts me away. The care she puts into her work, producing meaningful designs extends from ideation all the way to the materials, binding, and final output.

patron saints in motion graphics

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calligraphy & typography

Appreciating this FontFeed post …

1. Loving this quote:

M A U R I C E  G Ö L D N E R | “At that time, the core curriculum had a strong focus on traditional craftsmanship. Calligraphy lessons were obligatory for all undergraduates. We were taught to write different styles with broad nib pen and pointed nib pen and we had to acquire these styles in their original historical order.”

2. Eva Zeisel is so cool


ahh, typography makes me happy

design crush :: hugo & marie


pop chart lab’s cool posters

2 design articles

Interesting articles as we venture forth in new ways of living with the design, innovation, technology that is all around us, and how that affects approaches, work processes, and etc. etc.

CEO Talk | Emanuele Carminati Molina, President, Valextra

Scott Dadich & Gael Towey: The Future of Design in Media

not your ordinary wedding invitation


yg8 michael freimuth

He makes a good point, or alludes to one. Being a designer or just being in a profession where it’s easy to let your profession take over other areas of life, balance is crucial. That’s what I’ll be working on this year and maybe always, the search for BALANCE.

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