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the medium is food

I see food styling and creations more and more these days. Most are visually entertaining. Yet, there is something about the way Ayako Suwa uses her food palette with amazing skill and creativity that elevates the food and causes my emotions to stir as if i am viewing fine art. I’m enthralled by the mystery and poeticism her creations exude.



“A lingering taste of regret with undertones of anger welling up” by Ayako Suwa



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blog super crush :: dietlind wolf

Visual designer and prop stylist Dietlind Wolf’s blog provides a visual feast for the eyes. I’m absolutely LOVING her work.

dropped jell-o, 6200 frames per second

thanks Chelsea!

bond st. and hung ry

Bond St. is my new favorite street. I like walking on this street. There’s 40 Bond St. I would like to live in the penthouse. There’s Oak, Billy Reid, a cute little place called The Smile,  United Nude, etc. And Hung Ry .. haha, at first I thought it was Hung from Top Chef’s restaurant. But it is a play on the word HUNGRY. yay for organic hand-pulled noodles and chairs from a school in Vermont, bark wall, and other cool stuff.

hembakat är bäst

or Homemade is Best, a cookbook by our friends from IKEA. the food styling has me digitally jumping up and down. i’m a dork, i know

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need a ticket to san diego

I want to eat some twisted farm food at Hash House.

Roased red pepper and griddled smoked mozarella stuffed burger

World Famous Sage Fried Chicken Benedict


Grilled pork tenderloin with honey mustard glaze and southern pecans

Andy’s fresh buttermilk biscuits baking all day long

Thanks Jenny!

sally’s minty mojito cupcakes

this looks delicious! Sally why aren’t you geographically more convenient?

for the recipe, click here

mixed citrus salad with feta and mint

I normally don’t focus much on food besides macarons and chocolates, but Smitten Kitchen has blown me away by her gorgeous photography and lovingly told documentary of food preparation. Loving this story of mixed citrus salad with feta and mint

other artful shots that exude a Renaissance feel

thanks Talida!

craftsmanship at all sizes

Classic Pretzel twist made in the German tradition in the bakery at Prime Meats, Brooklyn

Marmorkirken (Marble Church) in Copenhagen

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Coffee Premium

Vanilla Premium

Raspberry, Mint & Lemon

Hester Street Fair opens April 24-25

I am so there!

Vendors include: Sigmund PretzelshopWanderlust VintageGargyleThe Meatball Shop, Luke’s Lobster, Brown Cafe, and Mile End.

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these sites are cool

Enjoying the animated meat grilling graphic and Takashi’s logo. getting hungry

Clever and intuitive interface. Jen Lu’s personal site.

I can’t read japanese, though i wish i could,  but can spend a good while browsing the images at megropress

Just can’t stop scrolling kris atomic’s blog!

ditto on “I want to go there”

an international course of flags

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thanks Irene!

patisserie as art gallery

These delectable sweets at La Pâtisserie des Rêves are really treated as a work of art. The site is colorful and yummy too. I dream of sugar and Paris!

Is that a giant croissant?!

via Paris Breakfasts


Zoku popsicle maker – another reason i can’t wait for summer

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