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TurningPro – inspring craftsmanship


helen carnac, enamel works

via Trendland

tiny robots from used computer parts

So green, so creative, so adorable!

via bravotaiwan

bianca chang, paper artist

visit her site

pretty stamp collage

via The Antiquarian

paper words

intricately cut by Annie Vought

via design*sponge

thx Angela!

silversmith crush :: david clarke

i swoon over everyday objects turned them into conceptual pieces of art. only the masters are able to this well. David Clarke‘s metalwork takes it to another level

via Selectism

video crush :: “masterpieces” by george jensen & alfredo häberli

via Wallpaper

“today you will whisper light”

from Amit Greenberg‘s website which is still under construction. I’m already intrigued just by this phrase alone

A piece by the artist:

thanks Nicky!

the making of “A”

via VisualCulture

calligraphy & typography

Appreciating this FontFeed post …

1. Loving this quote:

M A U R I C E  G Ö L D N E R | “At that time, the core curriculum had a strong focus on traditional craftsmanship. Calligraphy lessons were obligatory for all undergraduates. We were taught to write different styles with broad nib pen and pointed nib pen and we had to acquire these styles in their original historical order.”

2. Eva Zeisel is so cool


ahh, typography makes me happy

wooden toys, in particular well crafted elgantly adorable ones

Llama, polar bear & walrus from Areaware

Thanks Nicky!

liquid mirrors

spilled glass mirrors via dornob

the historic art of french lace-making

i love lace. it’s just not the same these days. appreciate/read more on WSJ

apt therapy & mira nakashima

I attended an Apartment Therapy Design Evening for the first time yesterday at ABC Carpet & Home to hear Mira Nakashima speak of Nakashima Studio, their handmade furniture, philosophy and history. It was a wonderful evening.

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