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post natural history

When I was 10 I remember making up an imaginary country, drawing a map of it, and making a booklet with the map, it’s made up cities and towns, oceans and lakes, national coat of arms, the whole imaginary world. Sadly I can’t find it anymore. But I love the idea of creating an alternate reality, which is what draws me to The Post Natural History project, and the fact that it is situated somewhere between memory and an imagined future. Such a beautifully, obsessively, well crafted object.



design crush :: coralie bickford-smith

Coralie Bickford-Smith designs beautiful book cover series that utterly melts me away. The care she puts into her work, producing meaningful designs extends from ideation all the way to the materials, binding, and final output.

more paper love

Paper Cutting : Contemporary Artists, Timeless Craft

Andrew Russo, amazing paper artist in Italy (photostream)

via papercrave

book crush :: katsumi komagata

such beautiful, well made books for children. Komagata’s website does not do the books justice, actually holding them in your hands, flipping through them.

embroidered book covers

via the Atlantic

thanks Angela!

overlooked nyc landmark :: the morgan

i love libraries. this is on my top 10 for manhattan locales….need to visit soon.

i like :: danny gregory’s sketchbook

Immerse yourself into Danny Gregory’s sketches

suse und hans

i love this Swiss book cover

found on flickr

pop-up books for typographers

via Core77

thanks Juan!

bobulate is cool

Especially this post on writing in the margins of books… *note: she mentions the used bookstore on Craig St. in Pittsburgh. Glad its still there.

Also, love that her blog changes color according to the time of day. This is the “evening edition” bg color

book covers & titles

that i like and want to read

there are many previous covers for the T.S. Spivet books, which I also enjoy as well..

and one magazine

the “unmakeable” book made

This is a marvelous piece of book art. (ahh, imperfect perfection) It’s work that pushes boundaries like this that reinforces for me there is a heaven where we will be awed by beauty beyond our meager human imaginations. designed by Sara de Bondt, printed by dieKeure

images from flickr, via Fast Company’s Co Design

Great eye Julie!!

atlas of remote islands

I want this book on my bookshelf

via Selectism

i’m at b&n in union square

my first book design project!

proud to be right

Ashley Thorne, the Director of Communications for the National Association of Scholars will be speaking on a panel next Wednesday (Oct. 6 2010), at Georgetown U talking about being a young conservative in America today. Read The Washington Times book review of “Proud To Be Right,” where I learned a new word… ( Jeremiad: a long literary work, usually in prose, but sometimes in poetry, in which the author bitterly laments the state of society and its morals in a serious tone of sustained invective, and always contains a prophecy of society’s imminent downfall. The word is an eponym, named after the Biblical prophet Jeremiah, and comes from Biblical works attributed to him, the Book of Jeremiah and the Book of Lamentations. The Book of Jeremiah prophesies the coming downfall of the Kingdom of Judah, and asserts that this is because its rulers have broken the covenant with the Lord. via wikipedia)

I’m so proud of you Ash!

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