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no longer empty: how much do i owe you?


How Much Do I Owe You?was an awesome exhibit. It has appeal for all ages, and drew kids and families with interactive art installations. I love that this exhibit and many others popping up transforms neglected, unused spaces into places that enlivens neighborhoods, stimulates conversation and civic engagement. The question, how much do we owe, not just monetarily but intangible costs has me reflecting on the endless debts I owe, most importantly the great debt I owe to the Lamb of God, Savior of the World



the medium is food

I see food styling and creations more and more these days. Most are visually entertaining. Yet, there is something about the way Ayako Suwa uses her food palette with amazing skill and creativity that elevates the food and causes my emotions to stir as if i am viewing fine art. I’m enthralled by the mystery and poeticism her creations exude.



“A lingering taste of regret with undertones of anger welling up” by Ayako Suwa



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mako’s 4 holy gospels

eiko ishioka

She was brilliant.


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laurent laveder’s moon

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anna sheffield’s wall hanging

is a pretty interesting piece of artwork

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ryohei tanaka

Saw this artist’s work at IFPDA Print Fair at Park Avenue Armory. The digital world does not do his etchings and aquatints justice in the slightest. In person, these handsome prints are quite something.



untitled, by antje drescher

i like


Created by Sachiko Akinaga, the “T” sculpture measures 6ft sq. The ‘t’ also stands for ‘tanoshii’, or fun, in japanese

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conceptual art crush :: suzy lelièvre

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iumazark’s illustrations

more of Gabriel Iumazark’s work here

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pixma’s “bring colour to life”

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bianca chang, paper artist

visit her site

paper words

intricately cut by Annie Vought

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thx Angela!

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