screen graphics and UI for movies

by judyko

The craft of designing the gadgets and interfaces that superheroes and such use in movies is pretty insanely amazing. In an interview, Kirill Grouchnikov talks to Jayse about his thinking process how he approaches creating edgy futuristic ideas into something that hits the right note of awe and believability.

Here are some highlights.

Knight Rider’s dashboard, an inspiration from childhood. Takes me back to the 80s!

Jayse talks about the positioning and depth of the graphics and the actors, getting it just right

It’s interesting to me the way he talks about infographics. He compares it to the family tree, and how we have grown in our ability to read visual data, as well as the necessity as information grows and becomes more cumbersome to organize. Soon, we will all be reading these types of charts as easily as we would family trees. He talks about taking in the patterns and rhythms of these data charts, understanding them enough so you know how to ignore the clutter to find the info you need when you need it. If I think about designing an infographic backwards, I could think about how I would want the viewer to decipher the rhythm of the data.

i’m am so excited by the horizontal row of small 3d shapes at the bottom of the screen – yes utterly dorky.

interview here