Month: June, 2011

the making of “A”

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sushi memo blocks

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design crush :: coralie bickford-smith

Coralie Bickford-Smith designs beautiful book cover series that utterly melts me away. The care she puts into her work, producing meaningful designs extends from ideation all the way to the materials, binding, and final output.

legible bookcases

At first glance, I thought it was a bookshelf visualizing a maze. It’s even better – it’s legible! and modular!

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breathtaking highlands & hebridean islands

David Eustace is taking my breath away with these photographs


happy flag day

I particularly like the quirkiness of the “g” in Flag

push pop’s interactive digital books

When I was 10, what I most wanted was the book that Penny used in Inspector Gadget. I wonder what cartoons will inspire technology in the next 20 years…

interactive infographics on Push Pop Press‘s digital books

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lollipop numbers


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patron saints in motion graphics

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jellyfish are fantastical

33 ways to stay creative

i don’t always like lists, but i enjoy this one.

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thanks Angela!

double layered prettiness

shot by Olivier Moriss. i have a soft spot for double exposures

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