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calligraphy & typography

Appreciating this FontFeed post …

1. Loving this quote:

M A U R I C E  G Ö L D N E R | “At that time, the core curriculum had a strong focus on traditional craftsmanship. Calligraphy lessons were obligatory for all undergraduates. We were taught to write different styles with broad nib pen and pointed nib pen and we had to acquire these styles in their original historical order.”

2. Eva Zeisel is so cool


ahh, typography makes me happy

girl crush :: darlene okpo

dig her jewelry style. is that a turtle ring i see on the middle finger?

via Refinery29

wooden toys, in particular well crafted elgantly adorable ones

Llama, polar bear & walrus from Areaware

Thanks Nicky!

sarah kay :: project v.o.i.c.e.

antique gorgeousness

These Olivia Collings antique stones are gorgeously cut. I say this all the time, i know… to my utter despair, craftsmanship is just not the same these days. Anybody else want to go on a time travel shopping spree?

3 products that got my heart racing

Keyless Lifebook

Equilibrium Bookcase

Solar Powered Sun Lounger

via designboom

liquid mirrors

spilled glass mirrors via dornob

metamorphic textures

i love dreamy, layered textures, especially these by Luso-Algerian artist Nadia Duvall

design crush :: hugo & marie


exotic african sanctuary

just what i neeeeeed right now

via dornob

dropped jell-o, 6200 frames per second

thanks Chelsea!

architectural seduction

“Emerging from the landscape like an uncovered stone, the luxury accommodations are revealed
in geometric cut-outs from the topography. the architecture is inserted into the natural faults
and fissures of the land, resulting in simple and elemental forms that aim to enhance and embrace
the site. as a living space, the project seeks to provide a direct connection between man and nature
by leaving many elements of the design raw and honest to its surrounding.”

via designboom

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