Month: January, 2011

destination jc

come visit JC

my current faves:

Smith & Chang, Skinner’s Loft, the Powerhouse, Warehouse cafe, still need to check out the Stockinette. Please let me know if you’ve got any more recommendations, thanks!


6 word memoirs

“morning coffee, hot shower, good day.”

“Big dreams, various hurdles, getting there.”

“Awkwardly waltzing through life’s masquerade ball.”

and other good 6 word memoirs from SMITH Magazine. It’s almost like the modern age haiku.

via Daily Bread

design crush :: eric hu

because he’s also taiwanese. and extremely talented


[short imagined monologues. 6/15/10]

via McSweeney’s

thanks Angela!

letterpress site of the day :: sideshow press

I have a slightly huge crush on Sideshow Press. They are swell.


design devotional #50

bobulate is cool

Especially this post on writing in the margins of books… *note: she mentions the used bookstore on Craig St. in Pittsburgh. Glad its still there.

Also, love that her blog changes color according to the time of day. This is the “evening edition” bg color

the lost thing

Excited about this animated film and the gorgeous illustration of Shaun Tan!

The Lost Thing via Motionographer

more perfect typography

a very educational talk on web typography from Tim Brown. Yes, type can have poise and dignity.

more shinichi maruyama

keigwin + company

I saw KEIGWIN+COMPANY a few years ago at a Fall for Dance festival and still get worked up over their unique combination of choreography and drama. Sadly I can’t find any videos of the work with the 3 sets of couples who danced these beautiful conversations with their bodies. Hopefully they’ll perform it again in nyc one day.

monster cable miles davis tribute jazz high performance in-ear headphones

these are things of beauty

a pottery project

Beth DiCara’s vintage stamp set was so cool, so I ended up going for an anthropological dig kind of feel and got some ceramic fun into my day.

design devotional #49

the illusionist

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