reconciling industrialization & craftsmanship

by judyko

This article read my mind

Historically, luxury goods have been created through meticulous detail, respect for our shared environment, commitment and recognition of human dignity. But this dedicated breed of craftspeople in Italy and across the world are now being replaced by large production facilities in cheap labor regions. Of this decline, Professor Sennett has noted: “Belief in sharing and developing skills, in craftsmanship intended not only as manual ‘know-how,’ but above all as a mental process in which passion for one’s work, the desire to keep progressing, an obsession with quality and continual research into materials and technology…are tangible expressions of a zeal and dynamism that belong anywhere but in the past, that now more than ever represent elements of distinction and important levers for facing the future.” … And yet, in today’s economic climate, is it still possible to create such a company with today’s business pressures and market realities?

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