risking the heart…

by judyko

“Our lives are built on our stories about ourselves—our stories of failure, triumph, belovedness, shame—and we have to be careful how we tell them. If we examine our lives with humility and all the fruits of the Spirit, hopefully our stories about ourselves will harmonize with the stories that our most trusted friends tell about us. … Addictive behaviors are hard to see because we are ashamed of them and because we grow accustomed to their dull, tinny taste and to the frantic hunger they stoke, so that we can’t even imagine the richness of the Psalmist’s fat and marrow. … In our age of irony, a peculiar emotional detachment demarcates class and strength, and wealth’s independence segregates the young from the old. We are learning to merge a kind of meticulous vanity with the unsleeping feed of electronic communication. It is hard to be still. There are so many things to touch and see.”

excerpted from “Risking the Heart” by Laura Bramon Good

thank you for sharing Julie