Month: September, 2010

hembakat är bäst

or Homemade is Best, a cookbook by our friends from IKEA. the food styling has me digitally jumping up and down. i’m a dork, i know

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inspiration pad


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good grief!

Peanuts turns 60 on October 2

My favorite comics evvver.

bookshelf daydream

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barnes foundation

Just saw Art of the Steal. Albert C. Barnes, founder of the Barnes Foundation was quite a character. Ahh, ART.

Need to visit the Barnes Foundation in Philly soon…

puro papel

PuroPapel. love. it.

design devotional #33

design is intelligence made visible


charice, note to god

thanks Connie ;)

keiichi matsuda’s augmented city 3d

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timelapse montage

thanks boo radley

connie, jenny, lawrence, fno, oc

find them at 29s!

design crush :: rumors

Rumors Studio, I kinda sorta really really like you…

dieu donné, in process

Here are some studio glimpses of one step in an editioning project at Dieu Donné

design devotional #32

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