a raku firing

by judyko

Raku is a type of Japanese pottery primarily used in tea ceremony. The word raku means enjoyment, happiness and contentment.

I visited Beth DiCara’s studio Evening Star this past Sunday and got the greatest studio tour ever, filled with preciously dear stories in every nook and cranny (more images to come). A popular item that Beth makes are these fish heads, I love their yellow eyes and red lips! Yesterday, I returned for a Raku firing and had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Beth and her husband John. Here is a mini photo doc of the firing:

The raku kiln is on the left. In a regular kiln, things are placed inside from the top. Conversely, the raku kiln is lifted up.

the process of cooling the fired raku ceramics begins! This is the sawdust wagon where the firings are placed

if this 1,888°F fishhead dropped on you, you’d be scarred for life

there’s my little raku pot from Beth. grazie!

this is the fish bowl by John

this efficient system of covering with the trash can was developed by Beth & John after trials & errors.

letting the smoke out..

once the pieces are cooled, they need to be scrubbed and cleaned

Thank you so much Beth and John!