Month: June, 2010

craftsmanship at all sizes

Classic Pretzel twist made in the German tradition in the bakery at Prime Meats, Brooklyn

Marmorkirken (Marble Church) in Copenhagen

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convertible rope dress

by electric feathers

space saving furniture system

this is a fun video esp. for those who need space-saving ideas

thanks William!

design devotional #19

sport & type

2 things that make me excited about FIFA

One: having read Playing the Enemy, recommended from Pamela’s blog. It’s an inspirational read.

Two: World Cup Typography

Notice, in the German shirts, how the counterforms in the “8”  of no. 18, are derived from the product design of the adidas soccer ball

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photo reminder

note to self: pick up dusty old camera and take some pictures…

also, see tips from Kate Paneros on Blah Blah Blahg

flora’s vertical gardens

What a beautiful way to paint with plants by Flora Grubb.

other floral snapshots:

sydney’s 17th

Jonathan Barnbrook‘s visual identity for Biennale of Sydney 2010 has me itching to hop on a plane

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welcome summer

Today is the 2nd official day of summer. These images from javiy’s flickr are triggering a nostalgic mood of childhood summertime days for me (even though I’m a terrible swimmer!)

Another thought: didn’t know about the Dear Diary column in nytimes until this morning. Heres one entry I particularly enjoyed:

Dear Diary:

Not long ago I was sitting in my car on Mercer just south of Eighth Street, waiting for the 6 p.m. parking to open up. Straight ahead of me was a gang of five hefty young men. On the trunk lid of their car, they had two large pizza boxes and five Snapple bottles.

They were having a great time, but after a while they began getting out of control. The extra pizza slices and the Snapple bottles were splattering and smashing and making a mess. I was getting angry, but they were five large young men, so I didn’t say anything.

As I sat there stewing, up the sidewalk came a clown. I mean a real clown, who looked as if he had just stepped out of a Ringling Brothers tent. He must have been on the way to a child’s birthday party.

He stopped and surveyed the scene. Then, without saying a word, he walked to the trunk, picked up one of the pizza boxes and proceeded to collect the broken glass and pizza slices off the ground. When he was done, he walked to the corner and deposited it in a trash container.

The young men were dumbfounded! The clown then walked back to them and passed his hat.

They dug into their pockets and gave him their change. He then bowed and walked away.

Paul Teusink

i want to smell this

The coolest perfume bottle I’ve seen. The perfume is oil-based instead of alcohol based so the scent lasts longer. The bottles are handmade by Sarah Cihat, a ceramic artist. I want to smell it.

2 wknd finds, in bklyn & web

I saw this poster in a shop in Park Slope this Saturday. Looked up the designer, Jim Datz of Neither Fish Nor Fowl. Going gaga for his illustrative style and love these city posters.

The Library of Congress photostream. What a treasure trove of beautiful vintage images, free for public use, and right at our online fingertips!

design devotional #18

national design triennial :: why design now? part 3

more exhibition awesomeness

Nokia Open Studio

Verterra dinnerware (made from fallen leaves)

Woodnotes Collection

L.A. Earthquake Book

Shigeru Ban’s 10 Unit System

vintage stamps

the things that I’m a sucker for….vintage stamps is one of them. Thank you dad for nurturing our stamp collection when we were younger!

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type the sky

Tickled by the work of Lisa Rienermann

Type the Sky : Normally this kinda stuff falls under the range of student design project, however Lisa’s sky photos are clever and make me smile.

Also enjoying…

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