Month: May, 2010

2 week break…

will return June 11th.

Jesus feeds the 5,000. This is one of my favorite illustrations from The Jesus Storybook Bible, illustrated by the talented children’s illustrator Jago.


barbera, a photographer’s eye

I’m smiten by Paul Barbera’s work. Here’s an interview, digging deeper…

national stationery show :: part four


Midori holds a sweet spot in my heart and was one of my overall favorite collections because their paper is of such great quality. Their products has me yearning for the days when we hand-wrote letters to pen pals in other countries and passed paper notes to friends in school hallways. The images are nothing compared to the tactile experience of holding the papers in your hands.


Like the vibe of this collection

Chewing the Cud

Also like their blog, where they have some posts that show how to wrap stuff with fabric and other eye candy.

Egg Press

their pretty 2010 calendar

fugu fugu press

And that’s a wrap on NSS 2010 from me ::


This made my day

via zebdro

red on broadway

Saw Red this afternoon. It’s an intense play about art, an artist (Mark Rothko) and the act of creation. We witness the conversations between Rothko (Alfred Molina) and his assistant (Eddie Redmayne) A stellar and engaging performance. Bravo!

design devotional #17

images: clouds 1, clouds 2

national stationery show :: part three

Mr. Boddington

I’ve been a fan for years. They have a great line of greeting cards, though they don’t display them online, which is too bad. Love their aesthetic and attention to detail. Bella!

Tokyo Milk

NSS had more than just cards. A lot of gift, pen, paper companies as well. I especially liked Tokyo Milk’s atmosphere and collection.

Masha D’yans, pretty watercolors

Vigo Cards carrying Lab Partners

themes & variations: picasso at moma

Need to visit! In the meantime, I’m having fun exploring the interactive site that breaks down the range of Picasso’s print techniques

human crush :: his holiness the 14th

I don’t know why but regretfully, I never really paid much attention to the Dalai Lama until this week when I started watching this documentary 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama. And it turns out he’s here in NYC this weekend. Ahh, I enjoy his chuckle.

he twitters too!

Those of you who know me know I love rocks. I’m admiring these Tibetan mani rocks. Mani stones are intentionally placed along the roadsides and rivers or placed together to form cairns or sometimes long walls, as spirit offerings.

more images at fotopedia

national stationery show :: part two

Old Tom Foolery

Rifle Paper Co.

I’ve been oohing and ahhing them for awhile now. Looking forward to their custom wedding debut. You can send in your photos and get custom paintings rifle style

Sweet Bella

I especially enjoyed the Korean paper stationery line O-Check that they carry

I’m seriously obsessed over this journal it’s almost voyeuristic. Want. It.

girl crush: gigi guerra

i just realized that i’d been following her style advice for many years now through the various places her career has taken her, and now she’s the marketing director at madewell, very exciting. you know how there are certain clothes you like, but know you couldn’t pull off yourself? i like her shoe collection in that way… i also like her dog’s expression, her “aged to perfection” tee and jewelry, and just her overall taste! more at refinery29

national stationery show :: part one

Lifestyle Crafts

Now you can letterpress at home. The inks are not toxic like the ones used in letterpress studios. You can send in your custom designs. I reallly realllllly want one…


This is a beautiful sophisticated and well crafted line from Korea: ID&A ( it’s design and art!) The tiny images on their site does not do this brand justice. Right now you can find some of their products at the moma shop, like the cheese post-its. Ahh, to be a designer for this line…


Tara Hogan, the designer and founder is so sweet and I’m crazy about her illustrations. some snippets here:

body armor

armor jewely

design devotional #16

dear future hubby

plz propose with this ring

Finn Gatsby ring

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