Month: February, 2010

design devotional #5

fonts: Kushtie Script
images: BG texture


fusinato & crumb

I’m seeing things in pairs lately. Here is work from Marco Fusinato and George Crumb that takes music to a whole other level and just blows me away.

Marco Fusinato

via Colt+Rane

George Crumb

strangebeautiful x 2

Color is so awesome. It’s a science, it’s an art, it stirs up emotions, it’s a way of organizing. 2 examples of color theory in “everyday” life: The STRANGEBEAUTIFUL Library of Color polishes don’t have individual names, but are inspired by such things as Josef Albers Color Theory, a color of an Andy Warhol painting at the Dia Museum, an interesting color palette of camo called Tan and Water Camo used by an elite German anti- terrorist unit, the belly of a pigeon, the veins of green mold running through Roquefort…

Volumes 1 thru 4:

And from Rodger Bridges strange|beautiful blog, George Benson’s Colour of Music project

2 snowboard sites

I love snowboard designs, and I especially like how these two sites provide useful info (snowboard breakdown & grid diagram). Happy snow day!

nikki mcclure

I’ve been a huge fan of Nikki McClure since I started buying her calendars 3 years ago. Her papercut artworks depict everyday life uniquely, honestly and poetically.

puccino’s coffee packaging

this is great!

via lovely package


oh no, this could either be a very good thing or a very bad thing, or both….power to the people…create your own fonts!

alice anticipation

i can’t wait!


I want one!!

seen from dailyCandy

design devotional #4

fonts: ITC Lubalin Graph
images:, flickr

i <3 guggenheim

Artists & architect re-imagine New York’s Guggenheim

thanks Nicky!


I still can’t believe it. His work was outrageous, innovative, controversial, theatrical, scandalous…truly inspiring. rip.

Times UK article
NYMag article

chip on your shoulder

This is an interesting article from Poynter’s Chip on Your Shoulder column that draws a parallel between athletes and writers. I found it helpful to think about how I approach my tendency to fall into a lack of focus and discipline as a freelance designer by looking at the way athletes physically and mentally prepare for their big games.

Performance Under Pressure

Sally Jenkins is an award-winning sports columnist for The Washington Post whose years of reporting and writing about athletic performance have led her to see a provocative connection between those of us who test our limits on a keyboard instead of a football field. In an e-mail interview, Jenkins describes what athletes can teach writers about improving performance. The author of five books, including “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life” with cyclist Lance Armstrong, Jenkins has also worked at Sports Illustrated.

Chip Scanlan: How and when did you make the connection between writing and performance issues?

Sally Jenkins: Well, I first thought about it with regard to deadlines. For some reason they decided to light stadiums, so now a lot of sports happen at night and writing game stories under crash deadlines can be rough, especially at an Olympics or a Super Bowl. Sometimes you have to write a thousand words in about 45 minutes — in a cold sweat after you’ve run the stadium stairs to the locker room. And you can’t hide; you know it’s going on the front of the section and about a million people are going to read your lousy first paragraph and quit on you the next day. So I used to try to get “up” for that kind of deadline, go in amped and ready to type faster than a semi-automatic weapon. more…

thanks Julie!

obsessions make my life worse and my work better

In September ’08 Sagmeister Inc. participated in Droog Event 2: Urban Play. The public art installation was created using 250.000 eurocents of 4 different shades placed on the floor, covering more than 300sqm on a square in Amsterdam, spelling out “Obsessions make my life worse and my work better”. The piece is part of the series “Things I have learned in my life so far”.

vancouver 2010 mascots

…Quatchi—a snow-boarding, earwarmer-wearing, tattoo-sporting Sasquatch. Just your run of the mill Big Foot, really.

Miga is a sea bear (half killer whale, half Kermode spirit bear, of course) who lives in the ocean near the Vancouver Island surf town of Tofino. She has a dorsal fin on her head, but anatomical irregularities aside, Miga possesses the majority of the cute quotient in the bunch. Her pink nose makes her conveniently suited to the myriad pink backpacks, beanies and other paraphernalia she adorns.

Sumi, a sometimes wheelchair-bound thunderbird, represents the Paralympics, which take place immediately after the Olympics. Native American mythology claims the thunderbird can shoot lightning from its eyes, but Sumi’s black dot eyes seem innocuous enough.

While not an official mascot, there is actually a fourth member of the Cute Squad. When a local newspaper suggested there be a sidekick that is actually an identifiable local animal, along came Mukmuk, a Vancouver Island marmot. Never mind the fact that marmots hibernate in winter; Mukmuk keeps warm in a cozy toque (that’s a “beanie” in Canadian)…. more on Curator

The mascots were designed by Meomi Design. Their site is too cute.

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