bookcover lust

by judyko

yes, i confess. most of the time, i just want a book because I like it’s cover, nevermind what the content or the story is about. It’s all about eye candy. I’ll walk into a bookstore, get lost, and have the urge to just grab all the ones that catch my eye, and wish I had a limitless credit card, and more bookshelves…here are some recent cravings:

it’s curly and swirly in a good way

I’m so easy to please

Always a sucker for letterpress type

I love this font.

Maybe it’s the Russian author factor appeal

So simple, so straight to the point

haha! ….yet so sad

Creepy, but so cute, but creeeepy….hmm…

Love the font treatment. Always a fan on Marian Bantjes’ work