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{here is a friend’s post. Her story reminded me of people throughout my life whose words, actions, and deeds influenced me majorly. It’s the little things that make my heart smile :) Thanks for sharing!}

// I love Nordstroms and I’ll tell you why

Posted: 31 May 2009 11:41 PM PDT

I rarely go shoe shopping with friends. I don’t have the heart to put them through what is probably the most difficult shopping experience for me. My very wide, no arch, exactly like my dad’s size 7 mens foot, refuses to fit into women’s shoes. But of course, like every girl, I love shoes. And so, over the years, I’ve learned that if the shoe fits, buy it. And have been able to amass a few pairs of fantastic heels and flats.

But boots were something of a dream for me. The way some girls dream of buying Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutin shoes someday, I looked forward to the day that I might find a pair of boots that fit my massive calves. I mean, I’m no bodybuilder, but I’ve got some mean calves – an exact replica of my dad’s calves. And this is where Nordstroms comes in.

Last year, I wandered into a Nordstroms in Chicago when I was on business to just kill some time. It was the beginning of the fall season so boots were on full display. I saw a cute pair of boots that looked like they would have some give in the calf region, so I asked a sales associate for the size 8.5 in brown. She returned with 3 pairs of boots. The first was what I had asked for and the other two in a similar style for me to try out. Whereas most people might be turned off by this salesmanship, I was actually grateful for her kind consideration. I tried all 3 on, but no luck. I couldn’t even zip it up half way…

I don’t know what came over me but I ended up telling her my sob story of forever wanting boots, but never having any luck finding the right pair. She touched my shoulder and said, “we will find you a pair that works. I promise.” I looked at her, skeptically, as in, “seriously?! you really want to put yourself through that?! Do you realize what you’re saying?” Now, you’re probably thinking, “well of course, she’s a sales person and she makes commission off the sale.” but haven’t you been in a situation where afterwards, you say to yourself, “man, you couldn’t pay me enough to do that again…”

But after 30 pairs of boots, and I’m not kidding, 30 pairs of boots later… we found the perfect ones. In a way it was as much a victory for her as for me, and throughout the whole torturous process of going back and forth to the back room to get another color, size, style, she never once seemed annoyed or regretting her decision to help me. That’s what I call great customer service. Giving off the air, true or fake, that you truly care for the customer and feel her pain and joy of finding the perfect pair of shoes.

The rest of the story is besides the point. I ended up buying 2 pairs of boots that fit perfectly and since carrying both back to CA was not possible, she shipped it, free of charge, to my office. But the point of the story is that the kindness that this sales associate showed me has forever made me a fan of Nordstroms, as well as a frequent shopper. In fact, I went to Nordstroms today and bought a few things, which spurred on this story. And it made me think how a little kindness can go a long way.

I read this article today which talks about how our acts of kindness have a lasting impact on people. We typically tend to focus on the negative, like the jackass that took your parking spot, or the mean comment someone made. If only we remembered more of the random acts of kindness, instead of writing these off like they were kindness with alterior motives (like making a sale), the world might be a happier place… on a slow blog day, I leave you with that.  //

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