Month: September, 2008

fromkeetra….loving it


philip glass

unnecessary knowledge

In Iceland, sheep outnumber people three to one.

vivienne tam at fashion week 09

5.5 designers

I have always loved the idea of interactive walls (recalling my goldfish party with kraft paper on the walls circa 2005) This wallpaper makes me smile. 5.5 designers made my day.

three lives and co.

i love when friends come to new york city. It always helps me to see the city in afresh, and discover hidden gems I didn’t even realize to look for. One place is a bookstore that I will be sure to frequent. Three lives and Co. Every book looked interesting and if it weren’t for the bus that Julie and Billy had to catch, I’m sure we would have stayed there for hours!

of spiral staircases

Peter Coffin spiral staircase

The Chateau de Chambord, which was the hunting lodge built for Francois I and then Henri II. The chateau has double spiral staircases, which intertwine so that a person on one case cannot see a person on the other set.

Library at Seattle University

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