macaron-aholic, macaron killer

by judyko

is what I am according to Heejung. This is the only instance when I write about food, and the macaron is in its own catgegory.

£9.48 for a box of 8 at Laduree in Harrods, £9 for a pack of 10 minis at Paul somewhere in Covent Garden, £7.56 for another box of 6 at Laduree in Harrods €7.68 for a box of 10 at Peck, €34 for the gelato macarons of about 15, and €0.73 for one at a spa-like bakery Princi.

I obviously cannot sustain my macaron eating lifestyle for long periods of time. So after all this, I pronounce myself an official macaron reviewer and taste tester. The Best Macarons I have ever had are at Peck, a gourmet food store right outside my front door when I was in Milan. These macarons were the right balance of beautiful form and delicate in shape and size. The ingredients were so fresh, the flavors were pure and true, the texture was the perfect blend of chewy center and crispy outer shell. There were the tiniest flecks of cocoa chips on the chocolate, crushed pistachios on the pistachio, a light dusting of cocoa powder on the passionfruit. Not overly sweet either. It was just right and left you wanting more. In comparison, Paul’s was too sweet, and had too much center filling. Laduree was better, though also disappointing, overall not as refined as Peck’s. The bakery store Princi makes excellent bread and pastries, but the chocolate macaron tasted like a brownie. Oh, and the gelato macarons at Peck were divine. They did beautiful wrapping work as well, dry ice and all, and have already eaten five!