free spirits

by judyko

Miranda July in the Oct/Nov ’07 issue of Bust Magazine..

I’m not a real nine-to-fiver. One of the tricks is making it feel like this isn’t my job. It’s just like, “Oh! What will I do today? Today I want to go to this thrift store and have lunch with this friend, and it’s cool if I can work a couple of hours.” I need to feel like I’m free, so there’s a lot of space in the day where I’m not trying. It’s kind of scary sometimes, ’cause I feel like I should be. My boyfriend is a total nine-to-fiver, and he’s an artist, too, so I’ll just feel so guilty. I’ll be like, “What are you doing? You writing? I’m going to yoga!” I can’t do it in the same way. I work hard, it just looks different.

It’s great that Miranda July’s work engages and invites audience participation. She is one of those artists who will always have interesting things to say to the world. I love that we get to enter a colorful password to enter her site. She’s got me hooked already! Below is mine…

Also, “Learning to Love Your More” – thanks to D, I’ve completed assignment #23. Click here and scroll for my name…