Month: May, 2008

origami animation


todd st. john and jen gotch

looking back at an old favorite: Todd St. John – click the bunny to view video:

And a new favorite thanks to Connie, Jen Gotch and her photopoem.


i love her charming studio, and her color palette and I’m going mad over her paper samples! and also her blog, subtitled “these days me”. Thanks Julie!

transitory map project

Milena Bonilla is a Columbian photographer who took pictures of buses in Bogota, where she mended torn bus seats and took photos of the before and after. I admire how she uses the act of stitching up the broken bus seats to symbolize her desire for her country’s brokenness to be healed.

vintage sunglasses

digging the vintage dior, cazal, and zeiss

renegade craft fair in brooklyn

i can’t wait!

steve gibbs and roebling

I nominate Steve Gibbs as employee of the month. He is currently at Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

This logo makes me smile. The whole Brooklyn Bunny site actually – a bunny that looks like a marshmellow is an instant cheer me up. It seems that Roebling may be seducing us with his heavily-lined brooding eyes. Roebling belongs to Kevin Dresser, who is a colleague of Steve Gibbs.

In other bunny news, Bunny suicides:

curated by sam

spotted at shoegasm, this shoe gets points for the higher neck. the narrower toe gives it a feminine feel and the silver adds a bit of funk. there is actually a concealed 1″heel. a simple blend of girly but not too girly and sporty but not really all that sporty.


crayons by Diem Chau

from *cake with giants*

photoshop nerds: textures! brushes!

Unique Textures

Lost & Taken

Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Tutorials


beautiful losers

this documentary has been inspiring me

rocket science

I enjoy the characters in this movie. Directed by Jeffrey Blitz who also did Spellbound, the spelling bee documentary.

alyssa dee kraus

She writes poetry with jewelry. Her work is thoughtful and I appreciate how she explores the potential of the meaning and relationship a wearer has with her pieces. I also like her wisp earrings that capture the essence of different hair types and styles. I want to wear almost everything in her collection!

ctrl-z! undo, undo!


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